IMTM 2020 - 26th International Mediterranean Tourism Market is a leading annual professional tourism fair of its kind in the Eastern Mediterranean and like other international tourism fairs, it serves to promote incoming tourism, domestic tourism and outgoing tourism, as well as to strengthen cooperation among tourism bodies in Israel and elsewhere in the world.

IMTM 2020 - 26th International Mediterranean Tourism Market exhibitors include Conference Centers, National & Regional Tourist Offices, Spa & Golf Resorts, Hotels, Car Rental Companies, Cruise Lines, Ground Agents, Airlines, Destination Management Companies, Tour Operators, Trade Publications, Trade Associations and Technology Providers.

IMTM 2020 - 26th International Mediterranean Tourism Market will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel on 11-12 Feb 2020.

Data from IMTM 2019:

  • 1 time a year that Israel’s largest tourism event is taking place
  • 14 Ministers of Tourism have attended last year
  • 26 consecutive years that it is occurring
  • 40 lectures, conferences and side events took place during the Fair
  • 57 countries from across the globe exhibited
  • 215 decision-makers arrived for the IMTM Hosted Buyers Program marketing Israel in the world
  • 9,100 first-tier staff members arrived last year looking for new destinations
  • 9,500 food portions were served to visitors
  • 14,750 beer mugs were poured
  • 17,100 tourism professionals
  • 26,800 people have attended it last year



  • 418 booths constructed for last year’s exhibition
  • 6 sqm was the area of the smallest
  • 200 sqm was the area of the largest booth
  • 5,900 sqm was the size of the overall display area
  • 10,700 sqm is the size of the display area planned for 2020


  • 18 car rental companies
  • 19 airline companies
  • 29 travel agencies
  • 42 non-profit tourism organizations from the Golan Heights to Eilat
  • 57 hotels – hotel chains, boutique hotels and rural lodges
  • 126 tourist attractions and service providers from all areas
  • 265 exhibitors from across the globe

Meet with colleagues, buyers & Suppliers

  • 44 quiet seating areas were specifically prepared for meetings
  • 374 sqm were allotted for business meetings
  • 468 meetings mediated by the platform took place
  • 2,140 profiles opened last year in the designated networking platform
  • 10,112 immediate messages were transferred among exhibitors and visitors