Over the course of 60 years since its establishment, MASHAV has been active in 140 countries worldwide, directly training more than 300,000 men and women in a broad variety of fields. Reflecting the spirit of Israel’s international development cooperation program, MASHAV’s ultimate goal is to bring change, hope and opportunity for every single human being, sharing knowledge, expertise and ideals to make our world a better place.

MASHAV’s approach is to place people at the heart of development, based on the belief that development transcends the attainment of economic security and growth, and is rather defined by an individual’s capability and freedom to choose and achieve the life they reason to value. To this end, MASHAV invests its efforts in human capacity building, working with local stakeholders and communities to develop innovative solutions to their own development challenges.



- Programming is based on capacity building, technical assistance, and the transferring of Israeli know-how, innovation, technologies, and expertise.

- Activities are based on demand-driven programming and active consultation with local partners.

- Development approach is holistic, inclusive and integrative.


- Focuses its activities in sectors which Israel has accumulated expertise and a comparative advantage.

- Is guided by common universal principles and international instruments for the achievement of sustainable development (SDGs).

- Actively engages in bilateral, trilateral and multilateral development cooperation.

- Recognizes the importance of pursuing multi-stakeholder partnerships with civil society and the private sector to achieve the SDGs.

- Believes that development cooperation should and can be used to forge bonds of peaceful cooperation between Israel and its neighbors.

Consequently, MASHAV implements bilateral and regional development projects and endeavors to be even more active throughout the Middle East regardless of the political climate.


MASHAV’s Priority Sectors

In line with OECD recommendations, good practice of DAC members and as a part of a concerted donor effort to combat the challenges associated with the proliferation and fragmentation of aid, MASHAV concentrates its aid on fewer countries and limits the number of sectors in which it operates.

MASHAV focuses its activities on areas in which Israel has a comparative advantage and accumulated expertise. These areas include:

- Food Security and Agriculture

- Education

- Medicine and Public Health

- Community Development

- Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Development

- Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

- Regional Planning & Rural and Urban Development

- Research and Development

- Emergency Planning and Response

- Humanitarian Aid