Towards Dodoma Wine Festivals slated for October this year, Dodoma Hut of Wine and Cheese is organizing a monthly corporate event to showcase brands in the country.

Dodoma Hut of Wine and Cheese organizers Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ms. Atwitye Makweta said the festival that is conducted annually, this time would aim at giving stakeholders opportunity to market their products in the country.

"However the monthly events are being held at our traditional Hut of Wine and Cheese along Kazembo Road to showcase more than 56 wine brands in Dodoma" said Atwitye.

She further said that each corporate event would last for 1 hour and 30 minutes with a number of stakeholders ready to meet and network to showcase many brands.

The CEO noted that during the monthly corporate event, participants get a chance to taste wines and take snacks which go along with them. Ms. Atwitye said there have been positive responses with hundreds of stakeholders showing enthusiasms to attend.

"The event apart from wine, cheese and watering snacks being showcased, there are going to be 'consumable talks.' This year's Wine Festival scheduled to take place in October is known and we are going on well with preparations. We want to market our local wines to improve the economy," she pointed out.